Voted Best of the Best for Dog Grooming in the Tri-City area for five years (2008 – 2012), The Kennels groomers are well-trained and experienced in grooming of all breeds of dogs.

A complete groom consists of the ears and nails, a bath, clipping or de-shed, and a complete blowout. We offer monthly cleanups for our regular clients that may need eyes, sanitary, and feet done a little more often (for dogs such as poodles and shih tzus).

Trusted Dog Grooming Services

Pets coming in regularly (6 to 8 weeks) will receive a discount. All dogs with appointments must have proof of current shots, including rabies and distemper. Grooming fees are dependent on pet size, breed of dog, condition of the coat, pet's behavior and type of trim.

We recommend that new customers bring their pet in for a consultation to better determine the pet grooming fee.